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Line Disassembly

We cover your business operation needs for Industrial Machinery Disassembly, Industrial machinery and equipment mobilization, production lines dismantling and industrial assembly services.
Our industrial disassembly service stretches out from industrial machinery to complete production lines. Our logistics are just designed to attend every detail and work under your premises.
At Halca Group, before proceeding with the dismantling of industrial machinery, we set out certain procedures to be followed aiming an assessment to decide whether the  transportation of the machine or machinery will be cost-effective. Of course it all will be set out within your timescale and budget.

Our preliminary assessment’s impact prior to the industrial dismantling advises you on what fits best - either for your machinery disassembly project or complete production line dismantling - by reporting actual technical conditions of the machines, evaluating preventive repair measures, site modifications or improvements recommended for enhanced operation at the new location.
Once the preliminary study has been carried out, with all the collected and diagnosed information, a BOQ (Bill of Quantities) will be issued, providing in full the requested disassembly machine service details, so you can have full control on every item.
Upon formal acceptance, your machinery disassembly service begins with the electrical dismantling by labelling and disconnecting the electrical wiring, following the hydraulic and pneumatic lines, meanwhile an exhaustive list of each of them is being made.
Consecutively, all the different components from the mechanicaldisassembly are removed from the installation and assigned a code, while the complete and detailed list issuance of every component from the dismantling is carried out.
Neither machinerydisassembly, nor productionlinedismantling offers a packing process as ours. Our meticulous way, list, classify, packs and handled accordingly, whatever your transportation needs are, wherever your load needs to reach, so your machinery is in good hands with our machinery dismantling procedure.
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