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Privat Houses

Comfort - Let your home take care of you. Before you even open your front door, your home will be ready to welcome you. With countless customizable scenes and sequences, you can return home from work to find your garage lights on, your favorite song being played, and your curtains already closed.

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Your home, Your rules. Every home is as individual as its owner. That’s why there’s no such thing as a standard smart home, and why for every installation is custom designed to meet your exact requirements. From system functionality, to switch color and icons, we let you create your ideal smart home solution.

Protect what’s precious to you

A home needs to be a place of safety and refuge. With smart home solutions, a powerful and secure detection network can be created to safeguard your property. Compatible with leading 3rd party security products, we can turn your home into a castle.
Privat Houses Privat Houses Privat Houses